Election Issue Results

April 2017

In the April 2017 election, Liberty voters approved a 1/2-cent Public Safety Sales Tax for:

  • Staffing and safety improvements in 2018. 
    • Funding for 4 new police officers
    • Funding for 3 new firefighters/EMS professionals.
  • Recruitment of police and firefighter/EMS staff. 
    • Provide competitive compensation to compete with area agencies in recruiting the best quality candidates. 
  • Retention of police and Fire/EMS staff. 
Yes: 75.08%
No: 24.92%

Collection of this sales tax will begin October 2017. 

November 2014

In the November 2014 election, residents voted:
  • No on the Use Tax, which if approved would have provided funding to build, operate and maintain a new animal shelter. We will look for options to address the issues of our aging animal shelter.
  • Yes on the 5 percent Transient Guest (Hotel) Tax to provide funding for marketing and promoting the City of Liberty to increase tourism and the economic benefits that brings to local businesses and the City.
  • Yes on the 3/8-cent Economic Development Tax to fund the completion of South Liberty Parkway - providing an alternate route connecting I-35 to M-291, and improve streets, sidewalks, crosswalks and below-ground infrastructure in historic downtown Liberty. This tax will sunset in 2035.

August 2013

In 2013, Liberty residents voted:
  • Yes to issue sewerage bonds in an amount not to exceed $95 million to extend and improve the City's sewerage system, including the possible construction of a new wastewater treatment plant and/or capital improvements related to the treatment of wastewater provided by Kansas City, Missouri.

    COMPLETED as promised: Grand opening celebration in April 2017. 
November 2008
In 2008, residents voted:
  • Yes to extend the 1/2-cent Capital Improvement Sales Tax from January 1, 2011- Dec. 31, 2030
  • Yes to revise the 1/4 cent Transportation Sales Tax to 1/2-cent with an expiration of Dec. 31, 2030
  • Yes on General Obligation Bonds for constructing and improving streets and costs associated with other street and transportation-related improvements; acquisition of public works equipment and property.  
November 2006
In 2006, voters:
  • Voted Yes to annex "Area A", an area bordering Liberty's southern boundary.  
  • Voted No to annex "Area B," an area bordering Liberty's northern boundary.