South Liberty Parkway

Phase II of South Liberty Parkway will open southern Liberty for further development and provide a much needed East/West route. 

The idea of an East/West interconnecting roadway between I-35 and 291 Highway was first discussed in 1965.  To date, Phase I of the Parkway, from I-35 to Withers Road, has been built and Phase II, from Withers Road to 291 Highway is expected to be complete by the Fall of 2018.

The $24 million 4-lane, 2.5 mile extension of South Liberty Parkway to 291 Highway will include water lines not only along Phase II roadway but also portions of Phase I and along Withers Road.  Sidewalks, a bike path and elevated crossings over two railroad lines and a creek are also included in the scope of the project. Upon completion, more than 1,000 acres of land will be open for development.

Located south of Phase II is also the location of Liberty's new Wastewater Treatment Facility.

Project Timeline

March 14, 2017 - The contractor has completed a majority of the structure that supports the long bridge over the BNSF railroad and Little Shoal Creek. Remaining bridge work will resume in several months.  The contractor has completed about 40 percent of the rough grading for the roadway, has placed many of the cross road drainage pipes and has placed one of the trail underpasses.  The contractor will be focused on the grading of the project for the next several months.

South Liberty Parkway, Phase 2 bridgework
June 15, 2016 - members of the Liberty City Council were joined by former Mayors Glenna Todd, Steve Hawkins and Robert Steinkamp as well as representatives from various City Boards, Commissions and Task Forces, property owners and contractors for a ceremonial groundbreaking on this project. 

March 7, 2016 - City Council approves a contract with Emery Sapp & Sons, Inc. for Design-Build services in connection with South Liberty Parkway, Phase 2. 

August 2015 - City issues a final Request for Proposals

February 2015 - City issues a Request for Qualifications 

November 2014
 - Liberty voters approved a 3/8-cent Economic Development Sales Tax that will fund South Liberty Parkway, Phase 2. 

- Phase 1 of South Liberty Parkway, from I-35 to Withers Road, was completed.