South Parkway Section Study

South Liberty Parkway

The South Liberty Parkway was first referenced in Liberty’s 1965 Comprehensive Community Plan. While the alignment contemplated at that time is different than what was eventually selected, it was noted that such a roadway would make south Liberty more “accessible and feasible” for development. 

An engineering and planning study for Phase 1 of the parkway was completed in October 2003 and construction began in the spring of 2004. Construction was completed for Phase 1 in the summer of 2006. This phase includes four miles of new roadway, including the parkway from the I-35 interchange near Pleasant Valley to Withers Road and an improved Withers Road north to the Community Center. 

In addition to providing for new traffic patterns in the southwestern portion of the City, this project opened approximately 1,975 acres of undeveloped land for both residential and business development. 

Phase II, from Withers Road to 291 Highway is expected to be complete by the end of 2018.

This $24 million 4-lane, 2.5 mile extension of South Liberty Parkway to 291 Highway will include water lines not only along Phase II roadway but also portions of Phase I and along Withers Road.  Sidewalks, a bike path and elevated crossings over two railroad lines and a creek are also included in the scope of the project. Upon completion, more than 1,000 acres of land will be open for development.

Use the following links to access the South Liberty Parkway Section Study Final Report, which was completed in February 2006. 

For information about the South Liberty Parkway, Liberty, please email Katherine Sharp or call 816-439-4538.