Animal Control


Liberty Animal Control enforces Missouri statues and Liberty Codes regarding the keeping of animals within the City of Liberty. This division strives to maintain a balance of the health safety and welfare needs of residents and animals with Liberty city limits. 


Animal control provides the following services:

  • Picks up stray dogs within the City.
  • Investigates animal neglect and cruelty.
  • Investigates animal bites.
  • Issues citations for ordinance violations.
  • Makes court appearances.
  • Assists with barking dog and other nuisance animal complaints.
  • Picks up deceased animals from residential City streets.
  • Removes sick or injured wildlife that could pose a public safety risk.
  • Assists with wildlife intrusion into human living spaces (not wildlife infestation).
  • Operates the Liberty Animal Shelter.

Animal control does not provide nuisance wildlife removal. All wildlife concerns should first be directed to the Missouri Department of Conservation

If you are having trouble with stray cats in your area, humane live-capture traps may be borrowed from the Liberty Animal Shelter for a $30 deposit.