Animal Control

Liberty Animal Control enforces Missouri statues and Liberty Codes regarding the keeping of animals within the City of Liberty. This division strives to maintain a balance of the health, safety and welfare needs of residents and animals within Liberty city limits. 


Animal control provides the following services:

  • Picks up stray dogs within the City.
  • Investigates animal neglect and cruelty.
  • Investigates animal bites.
  • Issues citations for ordinance violations.
  • Makes court appearances.
  • Assists with barking dogs and other nuisance animal complaints.
  • Picks up deceased animals from residential City streets. Deer are the only exclusion. To report a deceased deer for removal, please contact the Non-Emergency Police Dispatch line at 816.439.4701. 
  • Removes sick or injured wildlife that could pose a public safety risk.
    • Animal Control does not provide nuisance wildlife removal. All wildlife concerns should first be directed to the Missouri Department of Conservation.
    • If a wild animal has made an intrusion to your actual living space, call the Liberty Animal Control for assistance removing it from your home. 
    •  If you are having problems with a wildlife infestation, such as bats in your attic or a family of raccoons living under your porch, you will be directed to contact a professional pest removal company to handle the problem.
  • Assists with wildlife intrusion into human living spaces (not wildlife infestation).
  • Operates the Liberty Animal Shelter.

If you are a resident within the city limits of Liberty (with a valid ID or utility bill) having trouble with stray cats in your area, humane live-capture traps may be borrowed from the Liberty Animal Shelter with a $30 deposit. Damage to or failure to return live traps will result in the forfeiture of the applied deposit.