Records Unit

Records Fees/Obtaining Copies of Reports

Copies of accidents, crime reports and incident reports can be obtained from the Police Records Unit 3-7 business days after the report has been made. Reports can be obtained during regular business hours, 8 4:30 p.m., Monday-Friday. To see if your report is completed, you may contact the Police Records Unit by email or by phone at 816.439.4740.

The fee schedule to obtain Police Reports: 

  • Accident Reports - $5 each (Accident reports can also be purchased online for an additional fee). 
  • Crime/Incident Reports - $5 each

Fees for video, photo and audio material:

  • CDs, DVDs and video links - $20 each

Criminal History/Background Check 

The Liberty Police Department does not provide criminal background checks for the public. You can contact the Clay County Sheriff’s Department at 816.407.3750 to conduct a background check or download a background check form from the Missouri State Highway Patrol

Driving Record 

Your driving record must be obtained from the Missouri Department of Revenue’s local license bureau. In Liberty that office is located at 137 N. Stewart Rd. The license bureau can be contacted by phone at 816.407.9186. 


Some professions require you to complete a fingerprint card. The Liberty Police Department does not offer this service. Individuals can be fingerprinted at the Clay County Sheriff’s Office, located at 12 S. Water St., Liberty, Missouri. Call 816.407.3750 for more information and to make an appointment. Missouri State Highway Patrol also provides fingerprinting services. A request form is available online.

Juvenile Records

The Police Records Unit is restricted by state law from releasing a report involving a juvenile. State law defines a juvenile as an individual under the age of 18 years. These reports can be obtained at the Clay County Children’s Justice Center at 351 E Kansas St., Liberty, Missouri. The Justice Center can be contacted by phone at 816.736.8400.

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