Heritage Tree Program

A positive way to expand the community’s involvement in planting trees is through the creation of the Heritage Tree Program. Trees serve as a living tribute to friends and family both living and deceased. The new trees, resulting from this program, provide a sense of comfort to those in need and a place of quiet reflection for the community as a whole.

Trees are a moving and beneficial way to honor and/or remember a loved one or leave a family legacy. If you are interested in obtaining a Heritage Tree, contact the Park Maintenance Division at 816-439-4384.  

Why Plant a Heritage Tree? 

A heritage tree can be a living remembrance of a loved one or a celebration of a happy event. It provides a sense of belonging and community. The tree groves we are trying to develop within our parks will provide a pleasant place of contemplation for our citizens. They improve the quality of life here in Liberty, and provide a benefit and enjoyment to people who use our parks. In addition, trees are a growing and living symbol for the individuals they represent, a symbol of rebirth. 

Heritage trees are a wonderful honor for individuals or organizations to make in someone's name. It is a gift that keeps on growing. 

Who does the Planting? 

The City of Liberty Parks and Recreation Department along with volunteers, plant the trees. After planting, the City takes care of watering, pruning and other maintenance. 

Why does Liberty Parks & Recreation Foundation have this program? 

Liberty Parks and Recreation received requests from residents who were familiar with Heritage tree planting programs in other communities. Heritage trees serve the dual purpose of preserving and planting trees in Liberty while also satisfying a community need for a way to honor loved ones in a positive and beneficial manner. 

How are Tree Planting Sites Selected? 

The Parks and Recreation Department along with Tree Board evaluates planting sites according to several criteria: 

  • Need for trees
  • Available space for trees
  • Future development plan
  • Soil type - Accessibility for watering

Donors may select one of the approved planting locations for their Heritage Tree. Some tree species may not be available for all planting sites. 

When are Trees Planted?

  • Heritage trees will be planted at the following times: 
  • Trees ordered April 1 - October 15 will be planted in the fall.
  • Trees ordered October 16 - March 31 will be planted in the spring.

What do I get for $400? 

The trees are 10 - 12 feet tall with a 2 inch caliper. One of the City's certified arborists will help individuals select an appropriate species and an appropriate location for the tree. The species selected must be suitable for Liberty’s climate and soil to increase the tree's chance of survival. The City purchases, plants and maintains the tree. If the tree should die within five years the City will replace it at no cost to the donor. The purchaser receives a certificate of planting for the tree planted and a plaque will be displayed with the donors requested remembrance. The plaque is limited to 50 characters counting spaces and symbols. 

All trees purchased through this program are 100% tax deductible. 

How do I get Involved? 

Anyone interested in purchasing a Heritage Tree should contact the Liberty Parks and Recreation Maintenance Division at 816-439-4384. Those interested in supporting the program can attend the City's tree planting ceremonies as they occur. To find out when a ceremony is planned, subscribe to the Parks and Recreation News Flash for email updates. Enter your email address in the E-Newsletter blue box. 

Heritage Tree Order Form

To get a copy of the Heritage Tree Program order form contact us at 816-439-4366.