Cemetery Committee

The purpose of the 9-member Cemetery Committee is to act in an advisory capacity to the City Council in connection with preservation, beautification, and enhancement of the City’s cemeteries. They also work with staff in regards to security matters at the cemeteries to lessen damage to monuments, cornerstones and fences.

Alternate members may participate in all committee meetings and activities without voting rights.  If a quorum is needed, an alternate may be allowed to vote without any special action by the committee or Council.

Advisory Committee Members

  • Robert Beaty (Term expires 9/1/2020)
  • Michelle Harmon Cook (Term expires 9/1/2021) 
  • Mary Cravens (Term expires 9/1/2021) 
  • Gieselle Fest (Term expires 9/1/2022) 
  • Jerry Pate (Term expires 9/1/2021) 
  • Emily Michaels (Term expires 9/1/2020) 
  • Shelton Ponder (Term expires 9/1/2021) 
  • Gentry Thomason (Term expires 9/1/2022) 
  • Landon Whitsitt  (Term expires 9/1/2022) 
  • Jessica Watt - Alternate (Term expires 9/1/2022) 
  • Jeremy Parsons - Alternate (Term expires 9/1/2023) 


  • 6:30 p.m.
  • 4th Thursday of the month
  • Liberty Community Center Conference Room

Work Days

  • 9 a.m.
  • 3rd Saturday of the month
  • Fairview/New Hope Cemetery

Volunteers Needed

The committee is currently seeking volunteers to join in the efforts for clean up events and committee members. If you are interested, please contact Tyler Bedell at 816.439.4363 or email


Established in 2009, the Cemetery Advisory Committee is charged with oversight of the preservation, beautification and enhancement of the Fairview/New Hope and Mt. Memorial cemeteries. 

After extensive vandalism was found in the Fairview/New Hope cemeteries in June 2009, the community rallied to help with clean up. Since then, volunteers and staff have reset and leveled hundreds of grave markers. 

In addition to financial contributions and countless volunteer hours, the cemeteries have benefited from donations of sand, pea gravel, monument compound, buckets, water and the use of heavy equipment donated to our efforts.