Utilities Department Projects

Citywide Projects
  • Replace drinking water distribution system valves
  • Unidirectional Flushing Program - In progress
  • Flushing, sawing and televising sanitary sewer basins - In progress
  • Replace fire hydrants
Liberty Water Treatment Plant - In Progress
Executed a contract for rehabilitation of aerator basin structure.

291 Highway Waterline Replacement - In Progress
Replace 3,065 feet of 8 inch water main along North 291 Highway from North Stewart Road south to West Kansas Street.

Sanitary Sewer Main at Fire Station III - Completed
Constructed new main to serve fire station with 1,000 feet of eight inch sewer and three manholes.

Brookview Garden - Completed

Construct a 24 inch sanitary sewer trunk main to replace the existing main in the Brookview Gardens neighborhood. Weather has caused some delays.

Mississippi Street Water Main Improvements - Completed
Upsize and interconnect 2 water mains on Mississippi Street between Gallatin and Main.

Sanitary Sewer Main Replacement at Fairview Street - Completed

Replaced an existing main with 405 feet of eight inch sewer from S. Sunset Street to W. Kansas Street, replacing one manhole.

Other Projects
  • Missouri Street water main extension - In Design
  • Utilities SCADA System upgrade - Upcoming in 2016
  • Moss Street water and sewer extension - In Design