Liberty Community Center

COVID-19 Update

  1. Facility Closure Deadline Extended

    Clay County will join its neighbors in issuing a stay-at-home order for Clay County residents. Beginning 3/24, all City facilities will be closed to the public through 4/24.

    To stay up to date on City of Liberty actions related to COVID-19, please visit

The Liberty Community Center has received some upgrades by adding a companion care locker room & fitness center expansion. The two amenities are part of the Use Tax projects approved by voters in April 2018. The project started on August 19 and finished in early January 2020. The family locker room is 300 square feet featuring two changing rooms and the fitness center is an indoor and outdoor space around 3200 square feet.

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    Liberty Community Center’s group exercise instructors are providing you weekly virtual at-home workouts. View Workouts »
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