Landscaping Program

Well maintained flower beds are a strong reflection of a city's sense of pride. The Landscaping Program coordinates beautification across the city using flowers, grasses, and shrubs. This includes the following responsibilities:

  • Planting, watering, weeding, and enhancing flowerbeds in city parks, City Hall, and the Community Center.
  • Designing, planting, and maintaining landscape beds in select medians, roadsides, bumpouts, and roundabouts throughout the city.
  • Supervising volunteer landscaping stewards to assist with flowerbed maintenance activities.
  • Planting and maintaining flowerbeds in medians, bumpouts, roundabouts, and parks.
  • Partnering with businesses and organizations to sponsor or adopt flowerbeds.
  • Providing opportunities for public education on plant selection and care.

Did you know... 

There are more than 125 flower and plant beds or gardens at City facilities and parks?