Static Maps

In addition to a series of interactive maps, we also offer maps in pdf format for printing and viewing. Adobe Reader is required to read these maps. Adobe Reader can be downloaded from this website.

  • Future Land Use Map (PDF)
  • Historic District Map (PDF)
    This Map shows the Local Historic District Boundaries that are within Liberty. There are 5 local historic districts that have been designated by the City of Liberty to recognize buildings and neighborhoods with unique historic and architectural significance.
  • Neighborhood Map (PDF)
    This map shows the general Neighborhood Boundaries that are within Liberty. This map is not an official depiction of Neighborhoods. These neighborhoods were derived by grouping together all recorded plats that are within 1 subdivision (ie: Claywoods 1st Plat, Claywoods 2nd Plat, Claywoods 3rd Plat, etc - became just "Claywoods). By clicking on a subdivision name on the left, it will automatically zoom you into that neighborhood on the map.
  • Neighborhood Group/Association Map (PDF) 
    A map of homeowners' associations and neighborhood groups. If you live in an HOA or part of a neighborhood group that is not on the map, call 816-439-4532 or email.
  • Street and Ward Map (PDF)
    This map shows the streets as well as the Ward Districts that are within Liberty. By clicking on a Ward District you will be directed to the city's website that contains Ward Information.
  • Trails and Greenways Map (PDF)
    This map is a part of the Trails and Greenways Plan, which serves as a framework for a citywide multi-use trail system, enhancing opportunities for accessible recreation and non-motorized transportation for Liberty’s citizens. 
  • Trash Pickup Day Map (PDF) 
    This map shows a city map that designates the Trash Pickup Days for each area of the city. By clicking on a Trash Day you will be directed to the city’s website that contains Trash Pickup Day Information.
  • Zoning District Map (PDF)
    • This map shows the Zoning for each parcel within Liberty.
    • All requests for verification of zoning classifications, districts and other zoning information should be directed to the Planning Division at (816) 439-4543 between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Voice mail messages may be left at this number 24 hours a day.