Student Service Projects

The Liberty Parks & Rec (LPR) Board and staff thank you for considering our parks for your service project. In order to make your project the most effective and efficient for all involved, staff has gathered some information to help you navigate the process. 

  1. Make an appointment to meet with the Special Projects Coordinator. At least one of your parents or guardians must attend the meeting with you. Be prepared to present yourself in a professional manner in all communications (written, email, phone calls) and to make all contacts and communications for the project with limited parental involvement.
  2. During the meeting be able to discuss your service project idea that is sustainable, consistent with current or future park plans, and will benefit the park system and community at large. This should also come with perceived future maintenance scheduling. Students should come prepared to offer areas of interest, ability, resources, that aid LPR in housing this project.
  3. You are responsible for securing funding for the project. The department is unable to provide extensive planning assistance, consumable resources, volunteers or project funding.
  4. Projects proposed that are not consistent with current or future, park plans must be presented to Park Board for approval. Park Board Approval Form
  5. You may begin your project once the appropriate governing board’s paperwork is signed and approval has been received from your respective council.
  6. Upon approval, you should plan to provide periodic updates to the Special Projects coordinator and staff throughout the course of the project as well as take pictures before, during and after project.
  7. Submit before, during and after photos and volunteer hours log to the Special Projects coordinator upon completion. You should allow a minimum of 4 months for project completion. (LPR does not accept "emergency" deadlines due to student’s impending 18th birthday)
  8. Staff may ask you to present your completed project to Park Board or other governing bodies.

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