Human Resources & Risk Management

About the Department

The mission of the Human Resources & Risk Management (HR/RM) Department is to be stewards to the internal community of this organization. 

HR/RM will strive to maintain integrity to the internal structures by offering employees a safe and rewarding place to work, learn and grow while promoting acceptance of strategic growth and change through continued enhancement of policies and procedures. 

HR/RM provides organizational and risk management to the employees and divisions within the City of Liberty. The department is responsible for the oversight of all human capital, risk management and organizational functioning within the City. Each City employee is impacted daily with the services HR/RM provides. 

HR/RM is responsible for all facets of personnel administration, including recruitment, organizational development, classification and compensation, performance management, , benefits and policy development. 

The department also coordinates all risk management efforts for the City, including but not limited to workers’ compensation, employment liability, sewer liability, property and casualty liability and safety management. 

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