Permits for Public Works Improvements

Public Works Permits Page

Public Works is responsible for ensuring that new Public Infrastructure is built to City Standards, this is done through the process of permitting. While ALL Public Works Permits shall be applied for and submitted through the City of Liberty Online Permit Center the below tabs offer guidance to applicants on the City processes and requirements.

  1. Land Disturbance Permits
  2. Right of Way Permits
  3. Public Improvement Permits
  4. Blasting Permits

Minimum Land Disturbance Permit Requirements

All Permits shall be applied for through the City of Liberty Online Permit Center 

Any project, public or private, disturbing (1) or more acres of land within the City of Liberty are subject to storm water quality management standards in accordance with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (MDNR) land disturbance requirements. Such projects require obtaining BOTH a City Land Disturbance Permit AND an MDNR Land Disturbance Permit. MDNR Standard General Land Disturbance Permits may be issued through the MDNR Permit Website. Jurisdiction-wide (MOR100) permits must still be submitted to the Department's central office.

Permit Application Requirements

City land disturbance application requirements are detailed in Section 30-23 of the Unified Development ordinance. 

Tree preservation and replacement requirements are detailed in Section 30-97.4 of the Unified Development ordinance. 

The following items are required to be submitted as part of the Land Disturbance permit application:

Missouri Department of Natural Resources (MDNR)

Any project that impacts the environment is subject to review and permitting by the MDNR. It is the developer’s responsibility to secure necessary MDNR permits by submitting appropriate permit applications, which may include City-approved project plans and applicable permit fees. Further information on MDNR permits, applications, registration and forms can be found on the MDNR website.