Additional Space for Large Events

Use of the LPAT includes its two backstage dressing rooms. The lower dressing room can hold about 15 to 20 people (depending on the amount of goods presenters wish to store in the room). The upper dressing room can hold about 60 to 75 people (also depending on the number of extra items brought into the room).

However, some event presenters may want additional space for the following: extra dressing areas, lunch rooms, banquet rooms, breakout meetings, private office space, concession sales, etc. Here are some possibilities…

Liberty Community Center (LCC)

The LCC has four different meeting room spaces - the Red Room, White Room, Blue Room and Board Room. All meeting rooms are near the LPAT. The Red, White, and Blue rooms are adjoining spaces with partition walls, which may be opened into one large room. The Board Room is located behind the Welcome Desk.

Liberty Middle School (LMS)

The LMS manages all spaces within their building. But, typically, only their gymnasium is made available for rent, based on availability. The  LMS gym (PDF) is located less than 10 feet down the hall, right behind the LPAT stage. It can hold several hundred people, depending on setup configuration.

  • Contact Person: 816-736-5411 or 816-736-5412