Building Division FAQ

The following information is intended to address frequently asked questions relating to the Building Division within the Department of Planning and Codes. If you have any further questions, please contact the Building Division at 816-439-4534. 

When does the city require a building permit or inspection?
The City requires permits and inspections for all construction that occurs within the City. 

How do I obtain a building permit?
In order to obtain a building permit, building plans and site plans must be submitted to the City and reviewed by the building inspector for compliance with building code and zoning regulations. All applicable fees must be paid. For more information, contact the Building Division at City Hall, 101 E Kansas, 3rd floor or by phone at 816-439-4534. 

How are the permit fees calculated?
Permit fees are based upon the value of the project. The applicant should itemize electrical, plumbing and mechanical valuations from the total project value. Permit fees are itemized by trade and you will receive a copy of the itemized totals. Please view our Fee Schedule (PDF)

When should I request an inspection?
Inspections are performed during construction and a minimum of 2 hours notice is needed to allow for scheduling. All inspections will be performed within 24 hours from the time of the inspection request. All rough-in inspections must be approved before any work is concealed. Exception: Final Occupancy and Framing inspections will be next day inspections. 

How do I acquire a temporary occupancy permit?
A 30-day temporary occupancy permit can be issued when approved by the Chief Building Official, provided all life an safety items are completed. A $50 fee must be paid prior to the approval of a temporary occupancy. All exterior items are required to be completed within the 3 day period. Extension of the temporary occupancy permit may be granted for exterior items affected by weather conditions. 

Can I construct a detached storage building or garage?
In most residential districts, detached accessory buildings are permissible provided they fully comply with city code and building permits are obtained. All accessory buildings must respect the minimum setback requirements for the zoning districts that they are located in. For more information, view our Accessory Structure Reference Guide (PDF)

Does the city require a building permit for fences?
A building permit is required only for fences located in the front yard. In addition to the permit, one must acquire the consent of neighboring property owners in order to construct a front yard fence. Additionally, the fence must be constructed so that it does not impede into the established site triangle if it is on a corner lot. Fences may be erected up to side and rear property lines without a permit as long as city construction, height, and material standards are respected. 

Do I need a permit for a pool?
Permits are required for swimming pools over 2 feet in depth. A completed Permit Application (PDF) with a licensed contractor company, along with a site plan that includes distance from property lines and primary structures and manufacturer’s information must be submitted. 

What if I want to install an irrigation system?
Lawn irrigation systems are required to be permitted through the Building Division, and the installer must be a licensed contractor. If sprinkler heads are located in the right-of-way (the first 11 feet from the back of the curb) then a right-of-way permit will also be required. All Applications (PDF) can be obtained on the 3rd floor of City Hall at 101 E Kansas Street.

Are there backflow requirements in the City?
All backflow devices for irrigation or domestic use, commercial and residential are required to be tested annually by July 1st with a DNR backflow form submitted to the City of Liberty (Fax: 816-439-4513). This is a state and City code requirement and failure to comply will result in the disconnection of the water service to protect the potable water system from cross contamination. 

What are the requirements to rent a property?
Please view our Residential Rental Occupancy Code section to view the rental criteria. 

Are building permits required for private decks?
Permits are required for decks that are over 30” above grade in the City of Liberty. In order to apply for the permit, 1 must fill out an Application (PDF) as well as submit 1 plot plan and 1 set of building plans.