Residential Rental Occupancy Code Frequently Asked Questions 

The following information is intended to address frequently asked questions relating to the Liberty Residential Rental Occupancy Code. If you have additional questions, please contact the Building Division at 816-439-4534. 

How do I file a complaint against my landlord? 

To file a complaint, call the RROC inspector at 816-439-4540. If the RROC inspector addresses the issue, you will be asked to fill out and sign a complaint application, which can be obtained at the 3rd floor of City Hall. The application asks the names, addresses and phone numbers of all parties involved, in addition to a brief description of your complaint. An inspection will be promptly scheduled. It should be noted that if you are moving within the next 30 days, your complaint cannot be handled. The City of Liberty also cannot enter into Landlord-Tenant disputes. As a final cautionary note, a landlord may evict a tenant after the filing of a formal complaint. 

I am a landlord, how do I keep my tenants from damaging my property? 

The only good answer to this question is for the landlord to carefully screen the tenants, including past behavior at the previous residences, damages, timely rental payments, and references. 

How often is a landlord required to have their property inspected? 

Rental properties in Liberty are routinely scheduled for periodic inspection by the City of Liberty. Rental properties should be inspected every 3 to 5 years. When a landlord has a vacancy, that is an ideal time for the landlord to initiate an inspection. 

I rent a family member’s house, does this have to be inspected by the RROC? 

Yes, even in one's own family, if rental monies are exchanged, the RROC applies. 

Are there rental units available in Liberty? 

Yes, many rental units are available. To find such units, you can search an area for signs, look in the newspapers, or ask a local realtor.