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Fall Sports Registration Is NOW OPEN!

This fall, we will be offering soccer, flag football, volleyball, baseball, softball, and t-ball.  We have also added an NEW line up of Bitty Sports programs for kids ages 3-7 years old that use fun games to entertain and engage the kids in physical activity. They will feature t-ball, soccer, flag football, volleyball, golf and basketball. 

Did you know? 73 % of parents believe that sports benefit their child’s mental health. And they are right! 

Participating in sports is associated with: 

  • Lower rates of anxiety and depression
  • Higher self-esteem and confidence
  • Less substance abuse and fewer risky behaviors
  • Increased cognitive performance
  • Increased creativity
  • Greater enjoyment of all forms of physical activity
  • Increased life satisfaction 

Registration deadlines start July 1 - Aug. 7. Don't delay and get your kids registered today!

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  1. Fall
  2. Winter
  3. Spring
  4. Summer
  5. Year Round


  • Recreational Leagues
    • Boys and girls ages 5-14
    • 8 game schedule starting in late August
  • Sporting Stripes
    • Boys and girls ages 2-6
    • 6 weeks of training starting in September
    • Learn More »


  • A, AA, AAA, Major and Recreational Leagues
    • Boys ages 6-16
    • Competitive divisions are 10 games and recreational are 8 games
    • Learn More »


  • Intro to Competitive and Recreational Leagues
    • Girls ages 6-14
    • Intro is a 10 game season and recreational is 8 games
    • Learn More »


  • Recreational T-Ball
    • Boys and girls ages 4-6
    • 6 game schedule on Friday nights 
    • Learn More »

Flag Football

  • Competitive League
    • Boys and girls ages 7-14
    • 8 game schedule on Saturdays
  • Recreational League
    • Boys and girls ages 5-14
    • 8 game schedule on Saturdays
    • Learn More »


  • Recreational League
    • Boys and girls in 3rd-8th Grade
    • 8 game schedule on Saturdays
    • Learn More »

Volunteer Coaching

Liberty Parks & Rec Youth Sports relies on volunteer coaches to provide participants with a positive, learning sports environment. Interested in volunteering? Learn More»

Scholarship Program

If you need any assistance to participate in a sports program, please check out the Liberty Parks & Rec Foundation (LPRF) Scholarship Programs.  These scholarships can make LPR programs and activities more accessible by partially covering the cost of current registration fees for youth who qualify. LPRF Scholarship Program »

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