Meeting Room - Large Event Discounts

Discount Details

A single event may involve multiple rooms, hours or consecutive days. When a meeting room event is large enough to exceed $1,000 in total room rental charges, the following discount is applied:

  • Beginning at $1,000 in total charges, the initial discount is 10%. The discount is increased by 1% for every additional $75 in total rental charges. (For example: $1000 in total charges = 10% off; $1075 = 11% off; $1150 = 12% off; etc.)
  • The maximum discount (50% off) is reached when rental charges total $4,000 or more.
  • If you are building an event which will exceed $1,000, please contact us by email or phone (816-439-4371). We will help determine the best available date(s) and times, provide an estimate, and apply the discount to your large event