Q2 Incentive Programs (April - June)

2022 Employee Wellness

Tracking the requirements for each program is based on the honor system. Employees will sign up for each program individually, complete the designated activity and submit the post-program survey to receive credit. You can earn up to one day off each quarter and up to four days off per year. This can be a combination of participating in the structured programs or the "Your Way" programs below. Program credits are specific to the program and time off will be awarded as follows:

  • Bronze Level: Earn 1 Credit = .25 day off
  • Silver Level: Earn 3 Credits = .5 day off
  • Gold Level: Earn 6 Credits = 1 day off

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Q2 Steps Challenge- Level Up

Credits: 1 credit per 185,000 steps (max of 6 credits per quarter)

This program utilizes the ChallengeRunner app to track all steps. This quarter we raise the goal to 185,000 steps per credit  Connect with a tracker or you can add steps manually. If you have previously been enrolled in a ChallengeRunner program you already registered for this program. Simply open the app on your device and click on the link that appears after the challenge has started. This program is ongoing but you must register and link your device to get credits.

  • Program runs Apr. 1- June 30
  • Link your tracking device
  • Get moving!
  • register today Opens in new window

Take Charge of Your Health 

Credits: 3 credit

When we think about important members of the care team that ensure we are healthy and well, we are quick to point out our physician, nurses, physical therapists and other health care professionals. But the most important part of that team is often left off. That team member? You.

By thoughtfully gathering pertinent information about your health, keeping it in an organized manual, and securing a primary care provider you can call on regularly for well checks and when needs arise, you can greatly improve the quality of care you receive.

Back by popular demand -our latest wellness incentive challenge, Take Charge of Your Health, begins April 11 and challenges you to take the first step in the medical self-care process: Compiling and collecting personal health information, and securing a primary care provider. That’s right. Participants are challenged to develop a “user’s manual” for their own health. After 8 weeks, the confidential Take Charge Manual will contain your vital personal health information that will help you and your health care provider as you create a partnership for better health and health care. The information in the manual is yours alone — it is not required you submit the manual — participants simply verify completion at the end of the wellness challenge. Along the way, participants have an opportunity to reflect on their own health status, and earn My Impact Incentive credit! It is recommended that you update this manual every 2 years to make sure you have no changes and revisit the sections.

This program also includes weekly lifestyle challenges worth points. You will need 32 points and a completed manual checklist to get 3 My Impact Incentive credits.  

  • Program runs Apr. 11 - June 6 
  • Registration deadline is Apr. 10
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Just Move June  

Credits: 1 credit

Are you feeling motivated to get that body ready for summer fun?  Join in on the movement as we identify and make highly personalized weekly goals that are sure to make exercise more FUN! Each week you will receive ideas and information revolving around the benefits of all types of physical activity.  

To earn 1 My Impact Incentive credit you must complete 24 of the 30 movement activities.

  • Program runs June 1-30
  • Registration deadline is May 2
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Wellness U

Credits: 3 credits

This is a great resource for holistic wellness programs. Wellness U is an ongoing program for the quarter but you must register here » for the instructions and materials to be available to you.  It does take a minute to get set up, but once you go online and look around the site is very user friendly. Feel free to call or email Heather with questions.

Ongoing Employee Wellness Programs

Working out at the Liberty Community Center

  • 12 LCC Fitness Center Visits = 1 Credit
  • 24 LCC Fitness Center Visits = 3 Credits
  • 36 LCC Fitness Center Visits = 6 Credits

Connect with your peers and move your body at the Liberty Community Center (LCC) or one of our annexes at City Hall or the WWTP gym. LCC members swipe your member card at the Welcome Desk each time you come in to the LCC. Annex locations have a sign in sheet that must be signed on the day of your visit. To receive My Impact Incentive credit, you must register to have your attendance log pulled by using this form» by July 10.

Taking Group Exercise Classes at the Liberty Community Center

Credits: 1 credit per completed punch card. (max of 6 credits per quarter) 

By completing the Get Fit Punch Card, employees will also receive a 10% discount on LCC Personal Training Packages.

Sometimes taking on the fitness world solo isn’t for you and that’s OK! Let our trainers guide and motivate you toward achieving your fitness goals in a group atmosphere with the Get Fit Punch Card. Look over the full Group Exercise Class Schedule and see which classes may interest you. 

To earn the My Impact Incentive for this program, employees must: 

  • Email Heather Borchardt and let her know you’d like to register for a Get Fit Punch Card. She will coordinate with you to pick up the card at the LCC Front Desk.
  • Attend 12 group exercises classes, for each class you attend the instructor will initial your card.
  • Submit the completed punch card to Heather Borchardt by July 10 

Liberty Community Center Personal Training

Credits: 1 credit for every 12 personal training sessions (1x per quarter)

Want to take your fitness game to the next level? Personal training provides 1-on-1 exercise sessions with an emphasis on using proper form, helping you stay motivated and accountable, and links you with professionals who can help you achieve the results you want even faster! 

To earn the My Impact Incentive for this program, employees must:

  • Attend 12 LCC Personal Training sessions
  • Submit your attendance log to Heather Borchardt by the July 10

Upon completing the requirements for this program, employees will receive a 25 percent discount on their next LCC Personal Training package. Note: There are fees associated with the personal training packages. Learn more here »

Choose Your Way to Wellness

Credits: 1 credit per

Participate in at least one charity or competitive walk/run/bike event of 3.1 miles or more; or participate in a recreational sports league during the quarter, and submit your verification of attendance/registration to the employee Health & Wellness team by July 10. Required documents:

  • Race participant (timed): submit screenshot of or web link to official timed results.
  • Race participant (non-timed): submit registration form and finish line photo.
  • Volunteer: submit letter from volunteer lead verifying participation on event day (1 credit per 4 hours volunteered)
  • League participant: submit registration form and sign-in log or letter of verification of attendance.