Q3 Incentive Programs (July - September)

2022 Employee Wellness

Tracking the requirements for each program is based on the honor system. Employees will sign up for each program individually, complete the designated activity and submit the post-program survey to receive credit. You can earn up to one day off each quarter and up to four days off per year. This can be a combination of participating in the structured programs, or the "Your Way" programs like working out at the Liberty Community Center or attending Group Exercise Classes. Each program is assigned a credit value (most are worth 1 credit, some longer programs are worth 3 credits) and time off will be awarded as follows:

  • Bronze Level: Earn 1 Credit = .25 day off
  • Silver Level: Earn 3 Credits = .5 day off
  • Gold Level: Earn 6 Credits = 1 day off

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Q3 Steps Challenge- Level Up

Credits: 1 credit per 195,000 steps (max of 6 credits per quarter)

This program utilizes the ChallengeRunner app to track all steps. Our goal for credit is 195,000 steps for 1 credit. Connect with a tracker or you can add steps manually. If you have previously been enrolled in a ChallengeRunner program you already registered for this program. Simply open the app on your device and click on the link that appears after the challenge has started. This program is ongoing but you must register and link your device to get credits.

  • Program runs July 1 - Sept. 30
  • Link your tracking device
  • Get moving!

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You will be directed to ChallengerRunner’s website to set up your profile. 

Need a tracker? Liberty Community Center Personal Training packages and fitness trackers are eligible for payroll auto deduction. Conditions apply and include full time employees only, a max value of $750 is allowed and the device must be used by employee or someone who lives in the employee’s home. *Payroll Deduction Form If you would be interested in having the Health & Wellness Team purchase Personal Training or Fitness trackers for you and then have that money deducted over several paychecks please email Heather Borchardt. Restrictions apply.

Enjoying Your Summer

Credits: 1 credit

Don't let the stress of your day to day life get in the way of the year's most anticipated season, summer! Join us as we share ways that you can enjoy the warm, summer season to the fullest. After all you don't want to let the summer go by without experiencing all they have to offer, do you? To get My Impact Incentive credit you must complete the program; turn in support documents and the post-survey by Aug. 10.

  • Program runs July 5 - 31 
  • Registration deadline is July 4

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Beat the Heat Hydration Challenge 

Credits: 1 credit

Hydrating and fueling the body correctly provides numerous health benefits. The Beat the Heat Hydration Challenge will allow you to learn more about proper hydration, the signs and symptoms of heat related illnesses, as well as provide insight into various vitamins and minerals the body needs. Track your progress and take on the challenge during the month of August, with registration available between now and Aug. 1.

  • Program runs Aug.1 - 31
  • Registration deadline is Aug. 1

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Fall Tidy Up Challenge

Credits: 1 credit

This challenge invites you to spend 300 minutes decluttering your life (about 10 minutes a day) his fall. You can choose what you declutter. You may think you do not have enough time for this but being organized can actually save you time in the end. You will receive weekly emails with tips as well as assignments to tidy up your desk, your phone, your inbox and your home.

  • Program runs Sept. 1 - 30
  • Registration deadline is Sept. 1

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Wellness U

Credits: 3 credits

This is a great resource for holistic wellness programs. Wellness U is an ongoing program for the quarter but YOU MUST REGISTER for the instructions and materials to be available to you.  It does take a minute to get set up, but once you go online and look around the site is very user friendly. Feel free to contact Heather Borchardt at 816.439.4378 or email with questions.register today Opens in new window