Q4 Incentive Programs (October - December)

NEW- Cigna Program: Motivate Me

Credits: 6 per plan year 1 full day vacation awarded in May. Motivate Me awards an additional vacation day (in addition to the 1 day/quarter) for anyone completing 300 points in a calendar year. 

Cigna wants to help you get healthy and stay healthy. When you get involved in wellness goals sponsored by MPR Motivate Me, you can earn up to 500 points. A minimum of 300 points is required on or before April 30, 2023 to be eligible for an extra day off through the My Impact Incentive program. Additional drawing and incentives offered by MPR.

Earn one full day of vacation from the My Impact Incentive program for participating in a variety of health engagement activities, including:

  • Complete a biometric screening **                 100 points
  • Complete an online Health Assessment            50 points
  • Get a preventative care exam                           100 points
  • Telephonic coaching for chronic conditions   100 points
  • Apps and Activities – 25 points each (4)          100 points
  • Complete 1 My Impact Incentive program        50 points

**Gatekeeper activity completion is required to unlock and receive points for all activities. 

This program is ongoing from July 1, 2022 - April 30,2023. All components of this program are completed on the Cigna website. Health & Wellness can help you navigate the site of you have questions. The Motivate Me credits will be awarded in July 2023 but can be earned anytime after July 1, 2022.  

Visit myCigna.com and select:

  • “Wellness” tab then “Wellness & Incentives” 
  • Find detailed instructions
  • Check out the list of eligible goals and activities 
  • Check and track your completed goals and points

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Q4 Steps Challenge

Credits: 1 credit per 185,000 steps (max of 6 credits per quarter)

This program utilizes the ChallengeRunner app to track all steps. The goal is 185,000 for 1 My Impact Incentive Credit. Connect with a tracker or you can add steps manually. If you have previously been enrolled in a ChallengeRunner program you already registered for this program simply click on the link on your tracking devise. This program in ongoing but you must register and link your device to get credits.

  • Program runs Oct. 1 - Dec. 31
  • Link your tracking device and get moving!

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The Calm app Challenge

Credits: 1 credit

Remember back in June when you downloaded the Calm app for HR. This month we are going to learn how to use it. Are you already using the Calm app and see all the advantages of it? You can get credit too. This month we are going to dive into how to use the app and credit just for trying. This app features motivational talks, guided meditation, journaling and meditation music and a fun check in feature that helps you record everything from your mood to your sleep, there are even kids’ programs. These activities can help reduce stress, anxiety, heart disease and depression. Mediation and mindfulness specifically have the following health benefits: 

  • manage pain and inflammation
  • help aid in weight loss and control appetite
  • lower your risk of colds, flu and other viral illnesses 

To earn credit toward your My Impact Incentive for this program you will need to register by Oct 9, review the weekly emails, complete at least 20 days of app activities by November 10.  

  • Program runs Oct. 10- Nov. 10
  • Registration deadline is Oct. 9

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Credits: 1 credit

This program will add to your timed plank every day from 20 seconds up to 2 minutes! Modifications and progressions are available. A Planks and Thanks tracker will be sent inter office mail on Nov.1.

  • Program runs Nov. 1-30
  • Registration deadline is Oct. 31

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12 days of SWEATmas 

Credits: 1 credit

This 12-day program running Dec. 1-17 includes daily exercises that can be completed alone or in the office to boost both fitness and holiday spirit! Each day a new exercise will be added to the regimen to create a full circuit workout by the end of the program. The best part, no equipment is required and the full 12-exercise circuit will take approximately 25 minutes!

  • Program runs Dec. 1-17 
  • Registration deadline is Dec. 1

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Wellness U- Guidance Resources Edition

Credits: 1 credit per 3 short videos 

Max of 3 credits per quarter

This program used the NEW Employee Assistance Program resources at Guidance Resource. These short 10-15 minute videos will cover a variety of holistic health and wellness topics. This is a great resource from our insurance provider. Wellness U is an ongoing program for the quarter but you must register for the instructions and materials to be available to you.  It does take a minute to get set up, but once you go online and look around the site is very user friendly. Feel free to call or email Heather with questions.

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