April 2, 2019 Election: What's on the Ballot?

Candidates for Municipal Office

Every two years elections are held for the Mayoral seat and four City Council seats (one of the two seats for each ward) and four honorary positions. Below are the candidates that will appear on the April 2 Municipal Election ballot. All Liberty voters will cast a ballot for Mayor and the four honorary positions. Voters will only vote for the Council Member in the ward in which they live. 

Ward map»

Mayor & City Council


  • Lyndell W. Brenton
  • Joseph Reed Duncan

Council Member - Ward I

  • Paul M. Jenness

Council Member - Ward II

  • Greg Duncan
  • Lee Murdock

Council Member - Ward III

  • Kevin Graham

Council Member - Ward IV

  • Michael Hagan

Honorary Positions

City Clerk

  • David Fulk


  • Harvey Seely


  • Terry Mills


  • Margaret P. James

Ballot Question

The City of Liberty City Council voted in January to bring the following ballot question forward to voters on the April Municipal Election Ballot.

Shall the City of Liberty, Missouri repeal Section 4-29, “Keeping of pit bull dogs prohibited”, removing the pit bull ban within Liberty City limits?

Yes [  ] 

No [  ]

Instructions to voters:  If you are in favor of the question, place an X in the box opposite “Yes”. If you are opposed to the question, place an X in the box opposite “No”.

The full City of Liberty municipal code, including Section 4-29, is available online 

Register to Vote

The last day to register to vote in the April Municipal Election is March 6. Learn more about registering to vote through the Missouri Secretary of State website »