Liberty Performing Arts Theatre (LPAT) - Coming Events

Co-Presented by LPAT

Open Music Rehearsal program
free informal rehearsals for local area music groups

Presented by Other Organizations

Day Date
Name of Presenter and Event
Sat2023/02/04Mindy's Dance Center Company Showcase
Sun2023/02/05Metropolitan Youth Orchestra Concert
Sat2023/02/11Dance Champs Solo Competitions
Thu-Sat2023/03/02 - 2023/03/04Liberty Public Schools Event(s)
Liberty Public Schools Event(s)
Sat2023/03/11Bravo Dance Competition 2023
Tue2023/03/14Liberty Public Schools Event(s)
Thu2023/03/16Competition Showcase by C.O.D.E.
Sat-Sun2023/03/25 - 2023/03/26Triumph National Talent Competition 2023
Thu2023/03/30Liberty Public Schools Event(s)
Sat2023/04/01The Dance Effect Competition 2023
Mon-Wed2023/04/03 - 2023/04/05Liberty Public Schools Event(s)
Tue-Wed2023/04/11 - 2023/04/12
Liberty Public Schools Event(s)
Sat2023/04/15Elite Dance Cup 2023
Fri-Sun2023/04/21 - 2023/04/23Platinum Performance Plus Competition 2023
Liberty Public Schools Event(s)
Fri2023/04/28Liberty Public Schools Event(s)
Natural Build Fitness Competition
Tue-Wed2023/05/02 - 2023/05/03Liberty Public Schools Event(s)
Sat-Sun2023/05/06 - 2023/05/07Leap! National Dance Competition 2023
Mon-Tue2023/05/08 - 2023/05/09Perception Dance Company Recital
Wed2023/05/10Liberty Public Schools Event(s)
Fri 2023/05/12Liberty Public Schools Event(s)
Sat-Sun2023/05/13 - 2023/05/14"Red Riding Hood" by Blue Springs Ballet
Mon-Thu2023/05/15 - 2023/05/18
Liberty Public Schools Event(s)
Fri-Sun2023/05/19 - 2023/05/21Kids Artistic Review 2023 Competition
Mon2023/05/22Liberty Public Schools Event(s)
Wed-Thu2023/05/24 - 2023/05/25
Liberty Public Schools Event(s)
Fri2023/05/26Stars Unlimited Dance & Gymnastics Recital
Liberty Public Schools Event(s)
Sat-Sun2023/06/03 - 2023/06/04Catherine's Dance Recital 2023
Sat2023/06/10Cloud Nine Aerial Arts Summer Showcase 2023
Sun2023/06/11Creative Movements Dance Recital
Sat2023/06/17Relevé Performing Arts Recital 2023
Sun2023/06/25Dominate Dance Company Recital 2023