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Letter to the Community from Chief James Simpson

Nationally publicized incidents and problems for law enforcement affect us all. Our goal here in Liberty, Missouri is to resolve situations peacefully using communication skills as our most effective tool. We do our best to focus our efforts and resources here through community outreach efforts and rigorous hiring and training standards.

The mission of the Liberty Police Department is to preserve public safety and enforce the law while maintaining community values and a mutual respect between the Police, and those we serve.With a lean and very efficient level of police staffing for a City of our size, we work to build relationships throughout the Liberty community.

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The Liberty Police Department patrols the community, investigates criminal activity, and educates residents on crime prevention. 

Crime Mapping

The Liberty Police Department partners with CityProtect.com to bring residents the latest information about crime in their neighborhoods. Users can search by address or type of crime and even sign up to be notified when a crime occurs nearby. The information is updated on a regular basis.

Police Records

Liberty Safe Residence Program

Review an approach to crime prevention by a coalition of police, property managers, and residents.