Fairview/New Hope Cemeteries 
Liberty owns and operates the Fairview and New Hope cemeteries located on 30 acres of gently, rolling land on Terrace Avenue and Shrader Street.

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Cemetery Information

The City of Liberty prides itself in its care for the cemeteries. The Liberty Parks and Recreation Department in close collaboration with the Cemetery Advisory Committee carefully grooms the cemetery grounds year round, with extra attention during the spring and summer. Single, double and triple lots, along with various sizes of family lots are available in the Fairview/New Hope cemeteries.

View more information about the cemeteries Operations and Rules and Regulations (PDF).

Find a Grave: Fairview and New Hope Cemetery Viewer (Interactive Map)

The City of Liberty's GIS division has developed an online, interactive map that allows website visitors to search for deceased by last name or by year of death within both the Fairview and New Hope Cemeteries. Or zoom in and hover over any headstone to view the name of the deceased as well as zoom into a location and print a location map. This map is updated on a monthly basis.