Liberty Cemeteries

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Cemetery Information

The City of Liberty prides itself in its care for the cemeteries. The Liberty Parks & Rec Department in close collaboration with the Cemetery Sexton carefully grooms the cemetery grounds at Fairview, New Hope and Mt. Memorial cemeteries year round, with extra attention during the spring and summer. Single, double and triple lots, along with various sizes of family lots are available in the Fairview/New Hope cemeteries.

View more information about the cemeteries Operations and Rules and Regulations (PDF).

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Burial Decisions

Many people view the selection of a final resting place as an important personal decision, and choose a cemetery and reserve a burial plot for themselves well in advance of any need. Others leave the decision to family members. Whether you're considering purchasing your own burial plot or you're doing so for someone else, here is some information about Liberty’s cemeteries.

Selection of Burial Plots

Single, double and triple lots, along with various sizes of family lots, are available in the Fairview/New Hope Cemeteries. To make your selection, please call Andrew Ford at 816.509.0445 or email

Plot Purchase

  • Lots / Spaces - $900
  • Recording Fee - $24


  • Opening / Closing Vaults / Casket 
    • Mon. - Fri. Service - $1,000
    • Weekend Service - $1,200
  • Cremains
    • Mon. - Fri. Service - $550
    • Weekend Service - $750

Please note: No burials are scheduled on holidays.


  • Niches - $1,200
  • Engraving - $320

Call for Volunteers

Thank you to the 88 volunteers who made our 2023 workdays a huge success! These volunteers donated a total of 338 hours to clean-up trash, cut back brush, and care for the historic headstones found in the City's three cemeteries. 

Volunteer work days will be held monthly on the third Saturday of each month between March and October in 2024. 

2024 Cemetery Workday Schedule

If you are interested in volunteering for upcoming clean up events, please contact Erika Brant at 816.439.4363 or via email.