Trash Collection

The City of Liberty prides itself on having a comprehensive solid waste management program. This program includes semi-automated trash and yard waste collection, curbside and drop-off recycling, bulky item collection and participation in a household hazardous waste collection program.

Solid Waste Collection 

  • Republic Services provides new customers with two 65-gallon, lidded and wheeled carts-- one cart is for trash and the second, which has a yellow lid, is for recyclables. Please, no glass! Glass can be recycled at the drop-off recycling center.
  • To find out your collection day, call 816-254-1470 or view the Trash Districts and Pickup Days PDF or interactive maps
  • All residential households pay a $17.70 per month sanitation charge for curbside solid waste collection, including trash and recycling. The City will include the charge for these services on your utility bill. New residents sign up for trash / recycling collection when they sign up for water service at Liberty City Hall. 
  • Trash Credit Program for Seniors: Anyone 65 years or older may be eligible for a partial service charge credit for sanitation collection. For details, call the Finance Department at 816-439-4460.

On Your Trash Day

  • To help eliminate unwanted litter in our community, residents should bag their trash before putting it into their trash carts.
  • All trash and recyclables must be placed at the curb or roadside no later than 7 a.m. on your trash day (find your trash day on the Trash Districts and Pickup Days PDF or interactivemaps).
    • Be sure to place your cart so that the arrows on top of the lid face toward the street. 
    • If possible, try to place your carts far enough away from any obstacles (trees, mailboxes, poles, etc.) so that the automated arm of the trucks can easily reach your cart.
  • Materials Not Eligible for Trash Collection 
    • Yard wastes such as grass clippings, leaves, edgings, bush and branch clippings (unless you have signed up for yard waste services. Call 816-254-1470 for more information.)
    • Appliances and tires are not accepted at Missouri landfills; contact a private hauler for these items.
    • Concrete rock and trash from remodeling or roofing, major repairs, construction or demolition scraps.
    • Household hazardous waste including motor oil and auto batteries (see section on HHW disposal information.)
    • Large and excessive quantities of dirt or sod.
    • Waste materials from a business or enterprise at a residence.
    • Hot coals or fireplace ashes.

Exemption Service For Aging And/Or Physically Challenged Residents 

The City of Liberty’s contract with Republic Services requires that a special service for those residents who are physically unable, due to aging or a physical condition, to move collection containers for solid waste and recycling from the building line to the curb for pickup. 

In addition, many do not have any available relative, friend or neighbor who can perform this task for them. While we are happy to provide this service, we must limit its availability to those whose mobility is medically and physically impaired. 

It is requested that the resident fill out the Exemption Service Questionnaire (PDF), and that medical documentation be provided to verify the need of each resident who receives exemption service. Please remember to have your physician sign the medical documentation. 

Holiday Collection 

When the following holidays fall on a weekday, trash and recycling collection will run 1 day late for the remainder of the week: 

  • New Year’s Day,
  • Memorial Day,
  • Independence Day,
  • Labor Day,
  • Thanksgiving and
  • Christmas.

Service usually will be 1 day late for the remainder of the week following these holidays. If the holidays fall on a weekend, trash service may not be affected. City holiday schedules are publicized preceding the specific holiday through advertisements in the local paper, the News Flash (e-newsletter) and in the Liberty News and Calendar sections of the City’s homepage. 

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