Why a debt levy?

 A debt levy represents a commitment to invest in our community. 

The City Council has worked with staff to ensure Liberty has a strong financial foundation that can withstand the pressures of an ever-changing economy. For more than 15 years, the City held the line on property taxes, often reducing the City’s property tax levy, while also leveraging outside funding to complete $70 million in major infrastructure improvements at a cost of just $10 million to the City of Liberty. The City of Liberty currently has the third lowest property tax rate in Clay County. 

The idea for an Activity Center and updates the Liberty Community Center actually came from public input. Following the Liberty Parks & Rec Master Plan process that took place last year, a citizen Task Force was appointed and specifically charged with looking at the feasibility of a fieldhouse, community center and/or natatorium. The Task Force has worked with staff to identify programming needs in our community, have narrowed down the scope of the project and have recommended upgrades at the Liberty Community Center and construction of the Liberty Activity Center. In order to pay for the construction of a project of this size, the City would need to issue bonds.  

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1. Project background – How did we get to this point?
2. If approved, how will the bond funds be used?
3. Why are these projects needed?
4. What are the benefits to the Liberty residents?
5. Will kids in recreational leagues get to use the new facility?
6. How does this help seniors?
7. Will my Silver Sneakers Membership include both facilities?
8. Will Kansas City residents pay the same membership rate as Liberty residents?
9. Where will the Liberty Activity Center be located?
10. Why did the City of Liberty not include a competition pool in this plan?
11. What is a General Obligation Bond?
12. How will the GO Bonds be paid back?
13. How will this affect my property tax bill?
14. What percentage of yes votes is required for approval of this bond issue?
15. Why a debt levy?
16. If approved by Liberty voters, when would the property tax debt levy take affect?
17. What is a design-build system?
18. What will happen if Liberty voters don’t approve the bond issue?