Don’t my property taxes pay for Liberty’s parks?

Did you know that the average family in Liberty pays $37.50 a year in property taxes to support parks? That means each and every family member has access to the parks, playgrounds, trails, tennis courts, disc golf course, dog park, play fields, spraygrounds, and more, for less than $3.15 per month. Tax dollars actually fund only about 18% of the funding needed to operate the Parks and Recreation Department facilities, programs, and services each year

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1. Don’t my property taxes pay for Liberty’s parks?
2. How responsible is the department with tax dollars?
3. Why can’t we recover 100% of our operating costs like a for-profit business would?
4. What kinds of opportunities do we subsidize outside of our community partnerships?
5. Can’t we get grants to help offset costs?
6. The City of Liberty just passed a Use Tax, part of which is dedicated to Liberty Parks & Rec projects. Why should I support the Foundation’s Annual Campaign?
7. How has the Liberty Foundation used the donations received in the past?