How do I report a pothole or street problem?

The City of Liberty is responsible for repairing and maintaining streets within the City limits. There are several ways you can report a pothole. "Let Us Know": Click on the “Let Us Know” button on the left and you’ll be taken to the “Citizen Request Tracker.” If you haven't already, register as a user and then enter the pertinent info regarding the pothole. After you submit a request, an email will be routed to the appropriate department or staff member for response or resolution. You can log in to view the status of their requests and staff will email you when the pothole has been filled. Use your iPhone: Once you’re a registered user of the Citizen Request Tracker (CRT), you can even submit issues via your iPhone. The CRT iPhone App keeps a history of all your requests, keeps a profile of your information and submits requests right from your iPhone. With the CRT iPhone App -- GPS will pinpoint your location -- You can take pictures with your phone and submit them with your request -- You can see a history of your requests -- Your profile information is stored on your app Give us a call: If there is a pot hole or a street problem, please call the City of Liberty Streets and Storm Sewer Maintenance Division at 816.439.4515 with a location and description of the problem. If you are calling after hours you can leave a message at 816.439.4522.

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1. How do I report a pothole or street problem?
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