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2019 Neighborhood Enhancement Grant Application

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  2. 2019 Neighborhood Enhancement Grant Application

    Application Deadline: March 15, 2019

  3. Budget:

  4. Example:

    Total project cost = $5,000 x .25 = Grant Match Required $1,250
    $5,000 (Total Project Cost) - $1,250 (Grantee Match) = $3,700 (Grant Amount Request)

  5. Project Information:

  6. I, the applicant, understand and agree that all applicable required City permits, which may include a building permit, right of way permit, and/or certificate of appropriateness, must be obtained before work begins.

    I, the applicant, confirm that I am acting on behalf of my neighborhood or homeowners’ association, in accordance with their expressed wishes, which were determined by a vote or consensus of the majority of neighborhood stakeholders. I understand that acting without consent of my organization may cause my neighborhood to be ineligible for future grants.

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