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1. When is my trash, recycling, and yard waste pick-up day?
2. What can I recycle in the new cart?
3. Can I recycle glass?
4. What CANNOT be recycled in the new carts?
5. How can I dispose of Household Hazardous Waste (HHW)?
6. Where can I dispose of tree limbs?
7. When are the City-wide Annual Clean-up Weeks?
8. Can I use my own cart and old recycle bin?
9. Why do we have so many recycling carts?
10. Why are the carts so large?
11. What do I do with my carts if I am moving or relocating?
12. What are the benefits of a carted collection system?
13. Do we need to set the carts out in a special way?
14. Do my recyclables need to be bagged and tied?
15. Do I have to take advantage of curbside recycling?
16. What does this cost me?
17. How do I return the yellow lidded recycling cart if I don't want the cart and/or don't want to use curbside recycling collection?