Must I have my backflow prevention assembly inspected annually?
In accordance with Federal and State laws, the City requires each backflow prevention assembly to be tested annually. To ensure the device is functioning properly, a certified tester must test it at least annually.

For new facilities, the assembly must be tested when installed.

Letters are sent annually reminding citizens/businesses of their test date. It is then up to the backflow device owner to contact a licensed and certified backflow assembly tester.
If the tester finds the assembly is not working, you must arrange to have it repaired and tested again. It is your responsibility to pay for the test and repairs. The tester is required to provide a copy of the test report to you and the water supplier. To obtain a list of certified testers in your area, call the Missouri Department of Natural Resources or visit their Backflow Prevention webpage (

According to City ordinance (in accordance with state regulations), if an owner does not perform the testing annually, it is the Water Utilities right to terminate water service in order to protect the public water system. The backflow assembly test report can be mailed to the Utiltities Department, Attn: Backflow Prevntion, 101 E. Kansas, Liberty, MO 64068, or faxed to 816.439.4513

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