I’ve heard that some people have experienced rashes or breathing problems. Is monochloramine to blame?
In recent years, a small percentage of consumers have expressed concern over health symptoms they believe are connected to monochloramine. Among the reported symptoms are respiratory problems, skin irritation and digestive problems. While the actual causes of the reported symptoms are undetermined, it is possible that some individuals may be sensitive to monochloramine, just as some individuals are sensitive to chlorine. Additionally, if water containing monochloramine exceeds regulatory limits due to improper operation, irritation to the eyes, nose and stomach can occur. The City of Liberty will use accurate and reliable equipment to ensure monochloramine in our system meets all regulatory standards. If you experience symptoms you believe are connected to monochloramine, please immediately contact your physician, the Clay County Public Health Department and the City of Liberty.

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17. I’ve heard that some people have experienced rashes or breathing problems. Is monochloramine to blame?
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