How much vacation time can I earn?
Eligible employees who meet the participation criteria for programs each quarter will earn the identified incentives based on the type of program. Each employee can earn up to four days off per year.

Eligible Programs completed Quarterly Earn:
1 - .25 day off
3 - .5 day off
6 – Full day off

Visits to the Liberty Community Center Fitness Center
12 - .25 day off
24 - .5 day off
36 – Full day off

Employees can also earn a discount on personal training sessions by completing:
X10 Personal Training Sessions
X12 Group Fitness Classes

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1. Why is the City of Liberty offering these incentives?
2. Who is eligible for the quarterly wellness My Impact Incentive?
3. What do I need to do to earn my My Impact Incentive each quarter?
4. How will I know which programs and activities are officially eligible for the My Impact Incentive?
5. What are examples of programs and activities that are officially eligible for earning the quarterly incentive?
6. How much vacation time can I earn?
7. When will I receive my earned incentives?
8. How will I receive my incentive?
9. How can I be sure that I have met the criteria for earning my My Impact Incentive for the quarter?
10. Is participation in the quarterly incentive mandatory?
11. Why should I take advantage of this incentive?
12. If I earn the incentive in Quarter 1, but don’t in Quarter 2, am I still eligible to earn the incentive in Quarters 3 and 4?
13. I do many things outside of the Liberty Community Center or City of Liberty offered Employee Wellness programming to take care of my personal health. How can I get credit for those?
14. I’m already healthy and taking good care of myself. Should I still participate?
15. How can I get additional information about this program?