What is considered outside storage?

Discarded appliances, household items, litter, debris, clutter, unused or broken objects should never be visible from the street or surrounding properties. Store wanted items inside and dispose of unwanted items. Tarpaulins and covers may not be used to conceal outside storage. To arrange a collection of unwanted trash and bulky objects contact a private hauler or Liberty’s trash service provider, Republic at 816.521.3110. The city offers two yearly curb side collection events for excess trash bulky items by appointment, please call prior to putting things outside and to inquire about limits.  Also during these two periods a limb and log disposal site is open for residents to haul yard waste. Another option for residents is to subscribe to weekly curbside yard waste collection, also provided through Republic Services. Some auto stores take used tires for a small fee. Other trash and recycling information can be obtained on the City’s website.

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