What can I recycle in the new cart?
Corrugated cardboard, paperboard or chipboard, cardboard soft drink and beer boxes, Kraft bags (brown paper), mail and junk mail with envelopes and paper back books.
Aluminum Cans.
Steel cans and tins (including empty aerosol cans).
Aseptic packaging and gable top containers (milk and juice cartons).
Newspaper, magazines, advertising inserts, phone books, junk mail, catalogs and office papers.
Plastics: The numbers below are found in chasing arrows on the bottoms of plastic containers.
#1 - soda, water and flavored beverage bottles (#1 clear and green).
#2 - Milk and juice jugs (clear).
#2 - detergent and fabric softener containers (colored).
#3 - narrow neck containers only (health and beauty products, household cleaners).
#4 - grocery containers (margarine tubs, frozen desert cups, six and 12 pack rings).
#5 - grocery containers (yogurt cups and narrow neck syrup and ketchup bottles).
Plastic buckets, such as kitty litter buckets (5 gallon maximum size).

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