Watch For & Report Stormwater Pollution

Reporting Pollution

To report spills, dumping or draining of pollutants to the street, storm drain, drainageway, or waterway, call the City of Liberty Engineering Department at 816-439-4500. For spill emergencies after normal business hours, please contact the Liberty Fire Department at 816-439-4310. You can also report a problem online.

Items to Watch For

  • Dumping of motor oil, chemicals, trash, or yard waste
  • Commercially generated wash waters (i.e. washing of vehicles, equipment, tools, structures, or from services such as carpet cleaning)
  • Improper outdoor storage of chemicals and other materials that can pollute the ground or storm water runoff
  • Dirt from construction sites, or other erosion problems
  • Drainageways or waterways with an unusual appearance or odor