Fire Inspections

Fire Safety Inspections for Businesses
The Liberty Fire Department conducts fire safety inspections of businesses to ensure that they are compliant with adopted safety codes.

The City of Liberty currently uses the Uniform Fire Code, the 2003 edition, to enforce fire safety requirements regarding businesses. Under this code, businesses in Liberty are required to be inspected annually for fire safety hazards.

Inspections focus on general fire safety hazards that can be found in any business including the absence of fire extinguishers, the improper use of electrical extension cords, the closure of emergency exits, etc. Fire hazards that are specific to certain business, like the storage of hazardous materials, the location of smoke alarms, or the presence of high voltage electricity, may require a more detailed inspection than what is required of general businesses.

If any hazards are found during the inspection, the owner of the business is given a limited amount of time to make corrections. The amount of time given is dependent on the severity of the hazard and may range from immediate correction, up to 30 days. Any business that fails to comply with the findings of the inspectors will be turned over to the Division Chief in charge of Fire Prevention for further action.

For questions concerning fire inspections or fire hazards in businesses, contact the Liberty Fire Department at 816-439-4310.