Art Exhibits

Working with the City of Liberty, William Jewell College and Mid-Continent Public Library, the Liberty Arts Commission has developed four gallery spaces in Liberty that offer exhibits throughout the year. You don't just have to be paying your water bill, getting in your workout or checking out a new book to enjoy the art on display! Stop by any of these locations to take in the latest exhibits. 

Gallery Locations

Art Gallery at the Liberty Community Center

The art work of Eileen McCoy is now on display throughout the Liberty Community Center lobby for public viewing.

Eileen McCoy Artwork

About the artist: 

Eileen McCoy is a Liberty artist widely known for her lively caricature art illustrations and has a reputation of "drawing the crowds". McCoy creates "in the open air" paintings of Kansas City landmark views and is an award-winning, prolific painter working in a variety of painting and drawing media. Currently, McCoy continues to create caricature illustrations alongside her daughter, painting large-scale murals around the KC metro.

Mid-Continent Public Library - Withers Branch

The artwork of Nano Nore is now on display throughout the Mid-Continent Public Library Community Room for public viewing.

Nano Nore Artwork

About the artist:

Nano Nore began this exhibition of Rush Creek and Environs the fall of 1988 when she began teaching at William Jewell College. Over the last 35 years Nore has exclusively documented the Richfield Road bridge and the Martha Lafite Thompson Nature Sanctuary. Nore would work with on the spot sketches and photographs in all season.

Ruth E. Stocksdale Gallery of Art at William Jewell College

The artwork of Mike Hoffman is on display throughout the Ruth E. Stocksdale Gallery of Art for public viewing starting February 2.

Past is Present: Works By Mike Hoffman

About the artist:

Graduating from Oklahoma State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Mike Hoffman spends most of his time making images on, and out of, repurposed materials like barn wood and landscape paintings. His images are largely figural and from the past, including a good deal of “junk cultural” references along with more historical ones. Hoffman was a co-founder of The Gallery in Stillwater, OK and  founded / hosts the annual Okie Art Exchange that seeks to promote creativity and community.

Atrium Gallery at Liberty City Hall

The atrium at Liberty City Hall will be undergoing renovation starting April 2023. This gallery will be closed until the construction is complete.