Art Exhibits

Working with the City of Liberty, William Jewell College and Mid-Continent Public Library, the Liberty Arts Commission has developed four gallery spaces in Liberty that offer exhibits throughout the year. You don't just have to be paying your water bill, getting in your workout or checking out a new book to enjoy the art on display! Stop by any of these locations to take in the latest exhibits. 

Gallery Locations

  • Art Gallery at the Liberty Community Center (1600 S. Withers Road)
  • Atrium Gallery at Liberty City Hall (101 E. Kansas St.)
  • Mid-Continent Library - Liberty Branch (1000 Kent St.)

Atrium Gallery at Liberty City Hall: Art & Healing Images in Mixed Media, Joanne Suther

(Exhibit will run through Nov. 25, 2018)

Medium: Mixed Media

Excerpts from Artist's Statement: I have been an art and museum educator for 30 years. I have taught at public and private schools, the Kansas City Zoo and the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. After rehab and recovery following bilateral hip replacement surgeries, my art making changed to focus on creating works about art and healing. I often use my CT scan and x-ray images as a starting point while exploring a variety of materials, incorporating layers of handwritten text and personal imagery. Dream imagery and Scripture are also areas of inspiration that often find their way into ongoing pieces. 

I now want to express the beauty of the full healing and celebrate the God spark that can be kindled in us all. 

Interested in purchasing a piece of Susan's art? Send her an email.

The Beauty of His Word for web

Liberty Community Center: Sue Ferguson's Hot Mess Collection

(Exhibit will run through November)

About the Exhibit: The origins of the Hot Mess Collection emerged during a period of self-quarantine during chemotherapy for recurrent breast cancer in 2017. These six clothing-shaped pieces reflect my frustration and stress about the treatments, which included a bilateral mastectomy surgery and four months of chemotherapy. The pieces’ distorted and irregular shapes reveal my anxiety about my altered body image. The bright colors and erratic weaving style – woven by hand one strand at a time instead of using the more efficient shuttle, with the edges left decidedly messy instead of being polished and neat – are indicative of my attempts to find joy in my predicament. Weaving these pieces was tremendously therapeutic; creating tangible objects to which I could transfer my emotions proved most helpful in the healing process. 

Interested in purchasing a piece of Susan's art? Send her an email.

Mid-Continent Library - Liberty Branch: The Quilts of Sherry Whetstone

(Exhibit will run through November)

About the Artist: An internationally known quilter, Sherry discovers art in everything around her. She uses a variety of interesting materials in her quilts to surprise and delight viewers. Several of her pieces have appeared in books and venues around the world including the Smithsonian, Renwick Gallery, American Craft Museum, in Tanzania, South Africa, and at various locations across Kansas City.

Interested in purchasing a piece of Susan's art? Send her an email.

sherry whetstone image 3 for web

Meet the Artist: Oct. 13 at 2 p.m. at the MCPL Library - Liberty Branch

Join Sherry Whetstone as she discusses the techniques and materials used in her quilts. Whetstone will feature one of her newest quilts, which she created in memory of her son who passed away from cancer. Viewers will be surprised and delighted by the range of materials included in her quilts.