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Liberty Animal Shelter - Adoption Application

  1. Liberty Animal Shelter Adoption Application

    Phone: 816.439.4791  Fax: 816.439.4794

    The Liberty Animal Shelter reserves the right to refuse an adoption.

    This adoption application requires detailed information about your pet ownership history, what vet you use, who will be the primary caregiver for the animal and more. Please read through and make sure you have all the necessary information on hand before starting the application. If you would prefer to download and print a PDF version of the application, that is available online here »

  2. What type of pet are you applying to adopt?
  3. What size of animal are you looking for?
  4. What best describes the pet you are looking to adopt?
  5. Do you understand that many animals that come to the shelter are from unknown origin and they may grow larger or stay smaller than estimated?
  6. Do you understand that all animals require routine veterinary care, which includes but is not limited to, vaccinations, preventative treatment, grooming, illness and injury?
  7. Are you willing to provide that care?
  8. Have all the adults in your household agreed to adopt a pet at this time?
  9. (Please be specific, e.g. in the house, crate, basement, garage, yard, etc) 

  10. Is your yard fenced or do you have a pen outside for the pet?
  11. Do you have shelter for the pet outside?
  12. (Please be specific, e.g. a doghouse, dog door, barn, shed, tree, under the deck etc.) 

  13. Will anyone be home during the day?
  14. (Please be specific, e.g. outside, in a crate, free to roam the house, in one specific room, etc.)

  15. Do you rent or do you own your home?
  16. Please be very specific, and include species, name, age, breed, and sterilization status of each. If the pet has passed away explain how, if you had to give the animal away, explain why, etc.

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