Open Music Rehearsals

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What Is It?

  • An opportunity for your music group (band, ensemble, combo, etc) to rehearse informally on a concert hall stage for free with your own equipment
  • An opportunity for the public to hear live music at no charge

Key Features for Music Groups

  • We provide up to 3 hours rehearsal time onstage, plus an additional 30 minutes each for setup and load-out (4 hours total).
  • The OMR program is free of charge to groups who bring their own sound system.
  • If desired, we can announce your musical group, website and rehearsal date on our site.
  • An OMR is truly a rehearsal. There is no pressure to "perform" in the usual manner.

Group Requirements/Eligibility

  • Your group must be a music ensemble with at least two performers. Any combination of instrumentalists and/or vocalists who do not rely on recorded music are eligible. (Karaoke performers and DJ performers are not eligible.)
  • Your group must be actively seeking opportunities to perform in some manner, whether live (gigs, shows, concerts, etc.) or through recorded works (song downloads, studio sessions, YouTube channel, etc.), or both.
  • Every OMR is open to the public and all ages are welcome. Therefore, material rehearsed must meet the same content standard as a commercial broadcast radio station - especially regarding profanity and subject matter. In other words, if something would be cut or “bleeped” from the radio, it should likewise be edited out during this rehearsal.
  • Inside the LPAT, average sustained Decibel levels may not exceed 95dB (the level at which lengthy exposure may result in hearing loss), and momentary peaks may not exceed 105dB.
  • Simply applying does not guarantee a rehearsal date.
  • Groups who've already been granted a rehearsal date are welcome to re-apply for more.

How to Apply

  • Open a copy of the LPAT calendar.
  • Find one or more open rehearsal dates which works for your group.
  • Submit an Application at least 3 weeks before your earliest desired date.