Parking Downtown

Parking in the Downtown Business District 

Parking on the streets in and around the square is limited to two hours between 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays. In these areas, signs clearly indicate the two hour limit. Public parking lots provide unlimited, free parking just off the square. 

 If you have questions about parking in and around the square, contact the Police Department at 816.439.4701. 

The parking regulations are designed to give visitors ample opportunity to visit the unique stores and restaurants around the square or take care of business with the County, City or area businesses.

In support of parking availability for commerce and government business in the downtown area, City parking ordinances passed by the City Council were developed in conjunction with downtown merchants and civic leaders. Some provisions of current parking ordinances require the following:

  • No more than two consecutive hours of parking, 30 minutes of parking or 15 minutes of parking (as posted) on weekdays (except public holidays) between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. in certain areas (Chapter 20, Section 182).  
  • Two warnings per calendar year will be issued for certain parking offenses before enforcement action which may result in a possible fine of $15.50 (plus court costs) if guilty (Chapter 20, Section 167).
  • Changing the position of a vehicle from one point to another within the Central Business District is deemed as one continuous parking period (Chapter 20, Section 134).  

Use of available public parking lots, which are not time limited, is encouraged for anyone who may need longer than the posted parking time limitations for street parking.  

Parking Ticket Fines

As a courtesy to new visitors to historic downtown area, the first 2 tickets are warnings. 

Timed parking fines are as follows: 

  • Third and consecutive tickets: $15.50 (plus $35.50 in court costs) each.
  • The fine for parking in a handicap parking spot is $50 (plus $35.50 in court costs).
  • All other parking fines are $15.50 (plus $35.50 in court costs).

Tickets that are not paid within 10 days are charged additional court costs.