Personal Trainers

The personal trainers at the Liberty Community Center (LCC) excel at helping you achieve the results you want. Our staff is as diverse as our membership. We'll pair you up with a trainer who matches your needs.

Memorial Mayhem Training Sale

Stay fit all summer long with our Memorial Mayhem Training Sale. Starting May 23-31, in honor of Memorial Day, the Liberty Community Center will be offering 15% discounts on personal training packages or 4, 8 and 16 one-hour sessions. 

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Private Personal Training

Training 1-on-1 with a nationally certified Personal Trainer will help keep you accountable and provide the motivation and encouragement you need to get started on your fitness goals! Purchase these one hour sessions in packages of 1, 4, 8 or 16 sessions. These session packs are sure to add variety to your current fitness plan! 

Training packages for private sessions.
Sessions LCC Member Memorial Special
15% OFF
Non-Member Memorial Special
15% OFF
1 hour $55 n/a $68 n/a
4 - 1 hour $200 $170 $252 $214
8 - 1 hour $378 $321 $479 $407
16 - 1 hour $702 $597 $900 $765

Semi- Private Personal Training

Life is always more fun in pairs! Participants in two-on-one sessions should have similar fitness goals for the trainer to develop a comprehensive program. Semi-private training allows for additional accountability and motivation to stay on track and obtain your goals.
Training packages for semi-private sessions. Prices listed are per person.
Sessions LCC Member Non-Member
1 hour $41.50  $53.25
4 - 1 hour $150 $197
8 - 1 hour $272 $363
16 - 1 hour $526 $707

Group Personal Training

More successful working as a team? Small group personal training could be just what you need! Four teammates will work out, motivate and encourage each other in a 6-week group training package.
Prices listed are per person.
Sessions LCC Member Non-Member
6 - 1 hour $160 $224