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Healthy Heart Personal Training Sale - 14% OFF

Sale Dates: Feb. 12 - Feb. 19

  • Liberty Community Center Members:
    • 4 pack - $196
    • 8 pack - $364
    • 16 pack - $702
  • Non-Members:
    • 4 pack - $258
    • 8 pack - $493
    • 16 pack - $912

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The Personal Trainers at the Liberty Community Center (LCC) excel at helping you achieve the results you want. We'll pair you up with a nationally certified trainer who matches your needs. A Personal Trainer can provide creative, effective workouts, prevent injuries, ensure you hit your goals, and provide consistent, non-judgmental fitness support.

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Click the tabs below to see all Personal Training options offered by Liberty Parks & Rec's Health & Wellness Division.

  1. Private Personal Training
  2. Semi-Private Personal Training
  3. Group Personal Training

Private Personal Training

Training 1-on-1 with a nationally certified Personal Trainer will help keep you accountable and provide the motivation and encouragement you need to get started on your fitness goals! Purchase these one hour sessions in packages of 1, 4, 8 or 16 sessions. These session packs are sure to add variety to your current fitness plan! 

1 Hour Session:

  • Members Fee - $60
  • Non-Member Fee - $79

4 Pack of 1 Hour Sessions:

  • Members Fee - $228
  • Non-Member Fee - $300

8 Pack of 1 Hour Sessions

  • Members Fee - $432
  • Non-Member Fee - $575

16 Pack of 1 Hour Sessions:

  • Members Fee - $816
  • Non-Member Fee - $1060

Personal Training Testimonials

"My personal trainer has been amazing… I was suffering some chronic hip pain and beginning to have a gait imbalance. I thought I needed someone to help with those issues specifically and I thought this would be a short-run thing. I have now had a trainer once a week for almost 5 years. My chronic hip pain and gait imbalance are completely gone. On top of that, my posture has significant improvement and I have more muscle mass and flexibility than I did back then. I would recommend a trainer to anyone who is serious about staying healthy and aging well. This is an investment in myself and in my family. If I stay healthy and strong, it is a gift to my children and grandchildren."

"About 2 years ago I was diagnosed with MS (Multiple sclerosis). My first thought was to feel sorry for myself and then my second thought was to FIGHT! So, I set out on my journey. I started going to Katie at the Community Center. She has helped me in so many ways - my balance, my strength, my confidence in myself to manage this journey called MS. Each week she has different exercises and has great instructions on how to do them and if I am unsure about what she is asking she will literally stand in front of me and do the exercise with me. I have the utmost respect for her knowledge in helping me with my journey. I have seen improvement working with her, so my FIGHT will continue with this journey of MS, with Katie and the Community Center. It will change your life for the better. I know it has mine."