Fitness & Wellness Programs

Welcome to the City of Liberty Parks and Recreation Department Fitness Division!  We hope we can help guide and encourage you on your wellness journey with the many fitness programs and classes we offer. Our certified fitness professionals are passionate about helping create a healthier community. 

  1. Fit for Life Small Group Training

    As we age it is important to maintain physical wellness in an effort to continue leading the quality of life we desire. The Fit for Life program focuses on mobility, balance, and muscular strength. First session starts Oct. 1. Read on...
  2. Yoga for Back Pain

    Do you suffer from back pain? Most of us don't realize that back pain is coming from flexibility and strength issues in other areas of the body. This workshop will breakdown the anatomy of the spine targeting constant offenders of back pain. Read on...
  3. Foam Rolling Workshop

    Do your muscles hurt? Are you stretching and your muscles still feel tight? Or maybe you feel your muscles are too tight to even stretch so you don’t. Foam rolling is a great way to loosen up tight muscles, Read on...
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  1. Heather Borchardt

    Health & Wellness Supervisor
    Phone: 816-439-4378