Report a Barking Dog

If there's a dog that barks incessantly in your neighborhood, Liberty Animal Control encourages that you try talking with the dogs owner before submitting a report. Your neighbor may not be aware that the dog is causing a disturbance.

  1. If speaking with the owner does not resolve the problem or speaking with the owner is not an option, fill out this form to report the problem. You must provide the exact address of the dog's owner. Liberty Animal Control will mail a letter or pay a visit to the owner about the excessive animal noise ordinance and information on how to control barking.
  2. If the disturbance continues, the next step is to sign a formal complaint that results in a summons to Municipal Court. Contact an Animal Control Officer at 816.439.4791 to complete the necessary paperwork. Please have dates and times of the observed barking behavior on-hand to be presented as evidence. You must be willing to attend Municipal Court to testify. Failure to testify will result in the dismissal of the case.  If the dog owner is found guilty of violating the excessive animal noise ordinance, a fine or probation could be assessed.

**Please note that multiple submissions regarding the same address, will not escalate the issue to a formal complaint. Residents will not be issued multiple warnings. Charges will not be filed for parties unwilling to testify.