Boards and Commissions

Citizen involvement is essential for strong local governance. The City of Liberty promotes this involvement through numerous boards, commissions, task forces, and special projects/programs. The following is a listing of some of the various advisory boards and commissions that serve to support the Mayor, City Council and staff in carrying out the many programs and services offered by the city.  

If you are interested in serving on a City of Liberty Board or Commission, please complete the online interest form.  For a downloadable pdf formatted form to complete click here

Arts Commission

The Liberty Arts Commission is the arts advocacy agency for the City of Liberty. We serve as a catalyst - to support, sustain, and strengthen our community by increasing awareness, opportunities, and public involvement in local arts and cultural activities.

Board of Zoning Adjustments

The Board of Zoning Adjustments is a quasi-judicial board whose responsibility it is to consider applications of variances to the requirements of the Unified Development Ordinance and appeals to interpretations or enforcement of the Unified Development Ordinance by City staff.

Board of Appeals

The purpose of the Board of Appeals is to provide reasonable interpretations of codes adopted. The board has the power to approve the use of alternative materials, equipment and types of construction, whenever in any specific case the board shall find and determine that the application of a general rule or regulation governing such use will, by reason of exceptional circumstances or conditions, constitute a practical difficulty or unnecessary hardship, and shall have the power to hear and render decisions on all appeals from the decisions of the building official. The board shall further be empowered to interpret the intent of the codes in specific cases and to authorize responsible, minimum variance from the literal provisions of the codes where it is determined that such variance is, for the purpose intended, at least the equivalent of that prescribed in the codes with respect to quality, strength, effectiveness, fire resistance, durability and safety. The board has the power to revoke a license if it finds that the holder of such license has willfully violated the provision of the City Code or other ordinances pertaining to the work for which the license was issued.

The Board of Appeals reviews challenges to the interpretive decisions of the Chief Building Official. The Board meets on an as-needed basis.

Members: John Carr (Term expires 12/30/2024), Rae McClelland (Term expires 12/30/2027), Paul Victor (Term expires 12/30/2025), Roger Mose (Term expires 12/30/2025), Dobbe Dobberstine (Term expires 12/30/2023), Larry Gregory - Alternate (Term expires 12/30/2023), Aimee Gray - Alternate (12/30/2024), Ken Personett - Alternate (12/30/2024)

Community Christmas Tree Advisory Commission

The purpose of the 9-member Liberty Community Christmas Tree Advisory Commission is to address the needs of disadvantaged persons of all ages and of all religious persuasions within the City of Liberty at Christmas time; and, in the spirit of Christmas, at other times of the year as deemed necessary and appropriate.  The Community Christmas Tree Advisory Commission coordinates the annual Liberty Community Christmas Tree Program that lends a hand to disadvantaged families and older adults who are facing a difficult holiday season.

Members: Mark McAuliffe (Term expires 5/1/2026), Amy Abbiatti (Term expires 5/1/2025), Rob Fisher (Term expires 5/1/2024), Michele Cronin (Term expires 5/1/2024), Cara O'Riley (Term expires 5/1/2026), Jamie Goodwin (Term expires 5/1/2024), Molly Casel (Term expires 5/1/2024), Hank Pittman (Term expires 5/1/2025). Colleen Jones (Term expires 5/1/2024), Mark VanMeter - Auxiliary Non-Voting Member

Citizen Sales Tax Oversight Committee

The Citizen Sales Tax Oversight Committee is to provide a comprehensive, prospective citizen review and public reporting of City operations in regard to approved special purpose sales taxes.

Economic Development Sales Tax Board

After the voter approval of the Economic Development Sales Tax, the City of Liberty established the Economic Development Sales Tax Board to consider economic development plans, projects and development area designations and provide recommendations to the City Council.

Fair Housing and Rehabilitation Committee

The purpose of the Committee is to promote and encourage harmonious relationships and practical cooperation among all groups. The Committee reviews housing discrimination complaints, makes recommendations regarding housing rehabilitation programs and may review applications from individual households wishing to receive rehabilitation loans or grants as they are available. The Committee meets the last Tuesday of each month on an as needed basis.

Historic District Review Commission

The Historic District Review Commission is responsible for educating citizens on Liberty’s historical and architectural heritage, keep a register of properties designated as historic landmarks or districts and provide assistance to property owners regarding the preservation or renovation of their buildings.

Liberty Housing Authority

The Liberty Housing Authority is authorized by the City Council, in accordance with state law, to make decent, safe and sanitary housing units affordable to low-income households. The Housing Authority Board employs an Executive Director and sets policies and procedures for the operation of the Authority. The Executive Director and staff is then responsible for administration of the Section 8 housing assistance, Family Self-Sufficiency, and other initiatives that may arise consistent with their housing goal. The Authority meets Every two months (Feb. - Dec.) on Thursdays at 8:30 a.m.

Members: Janet Peters (Term expires 7/1/2027), Brooks Casel (Term expires 7/1/2026), Yvette Madden (Term expires 7/1/2025), Jackie Kennedy (Term expires 7/1/2027), Anna Marie Martin (Term expires 7/1/2027)

Parks & Recreation Board

The Liberty Parks & Rec Advisory Board is responsible for making recommendations to the City Council regarding the acquisition and development of public parks and recreation facilities as well as the provision of community recreation programs.

Parks & Recreation Foundation Board

The Liberty Parks & Rec Foundation (formerly the Liberty Parks and Recreation Charitable Fund) was established in 2006 to create a parks expansion fund for neighborhood parks, green space, and to provide financial assistance to aid low-income youth and families to access programs through scholarship assistance.

Planning & Zoning Commission

The Planning and Zoning Commission is the primary advisory board to the Mayor and City Council on issues of land use and development in the City.

Preservation & Development Commission

The Preservation and Development Commission was established to maintain the downtown area as a focal point of the community, educate the public about the community’s rich architectural, cultural, and historical resources, advise elected officials and citizens about the role of these resources in promoting the community, and be an advocate for the sustainable development of our community through active participation in historic preservation, economic development and public partnerships. The PDC meets at least once annually, or at the discretion of the Chairperson.

Members: Jerry Brant - Chair (Term expires 9/1/2026); Mike Mundy (Term expires 9/1/2026); Ralph Brant, Jr. (Term expires 9/1/2025); Don Altis (Term expires 9/1/2024); Dail Hobbs (Term expires 9/1/2024); Heather Jones (Term expires 9/1/2026); Meredith Klamm (Term expires 9/1/2025)

Public Safety Sales Tax Oversight Committee

This Public Safety Sales Tax Oversight Committee, created by the Mayor and City Council, is made up of a citizen body to monitor expenditure of proceeds from the Public Safety Sales Tax, approved by the qualified voters of Liberty on April 4, 2017.  The committee is dedicated to the purpose of improving the public safety for the City, including but not limited to, increased police and fire staffing, competitive compensation to recruit the best quality candidates, and retention of current police and Fire/EMS staff.

Comprised of nine voting members, with initial staggered terms, and subsequent terms of three years: two public safety union representatives (Local 42 & Fraternal Order of Police); two public safety department staff members; five City of Liberty residents and, one non-voting Council Member liaison, appointed by the Mayor, and one Staff liaison appointed by the City Administrator.

Members: Elise Hull, Local 42 rep; Ronnie Milburn, FOP rep; John Mills, Fire Chief; Jim Martin, Police Chief; Joseph Russell (Term expires 8/31/2025); Jamiel Yameen (Term expires 8/31/2025); Bill Moberly (Term expires 8/31/2025); Linda Largent (Term expires 8/31/2024); Jim Murray (Term expires 8/31/2026); Gene Gentrup, Council Liaison

Tourism Committee

The mission of the City of Liberty Tourism Committee is to administer the funds of the Transient Guest Tax to attract visitors to Liberty. These funds can be used in a variety of tourism-related initiatives to uphold the initiative’s voter intent, including marketing and promoting Liberty, development and installation of wayfinding signs, supporting Liberty’s festivals and special events and providing funding for public art.

Composition: One delegate from each of the following organizations: Historic Downtown Liberty, Inc., Liberty Area Chamber of Commerce, Hotel and/or Motel Industry, Restaurant and/or Retail Industry, Restaurant and/or Retail Industry from Downtown, Arts Commission Representative, Attraction or Museum. One non-voting liaison from the Liberty City Council who also acts as a tie breaking vote .

Tax Increment Financing Commission

The Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Commission designates redevelopment project areas and approves redevelopment plans in accordance with the Tax Increment Financing laws of the State. The Commission consists of: three members appointed by the City Council, who serve four-year staggered terms; six County appointed members, with no expiration date; two School District appointed members, with no expiration date; one other Taxing Entity appointed member, with no expiration date.

  • City appointed members: Kevin Graham (Commission term expires 10/31/2024); Lowell Mayone (Term expires 10/31/2026); Jeff Watt (Term expires 10/31/2026)
  • County appointed members:  Victor Hurlbert; Kent Peterson; Myron Neth; Gerald Wicklund; Tony Reinhart; Rae McClelland
  • School District appointed members:  Karen Rogers; Steve Anderson
  • Taxing entity appointed member:  Jim Staley

Tree Board

The Liberty Tree Board’s mission is to develop and maintain the community’s trees and forest in a strong, healthy condition for today and the future. The Board advises and supports the city’s Community Forestry Program.