Economic Development Sales Tax Board

Board Members
  • Wes Blanton, City Appointee
  • Gene Gentrup, City Appointee
  • Ted Graves, Clay County Appointee

  • Andrew Roffman, School District Appointee
  • Bert Stouffer, City Appointee

About the Board

With the approval of this tax, the City of Liberty established a 5-member board to consider economic development plans, projects and development area designations and provide recommendations to the City Council. The Liberty Economic Development Sales Tax Board also will review the City's Economic Development Sales Tax budget and determine if the budget and included programs adhere to voter intent.

Sales Tax

On the November 4, 2014 ballot, City of Liberty voters approved a 3/8 cent Economic Development Sales Tax that will allow the City to:
  • Extend South Liberty Parkway (PDF) from Withers Road to M-291.
  • Invest and improve streets, sidewalks, crosswalks and below-ground infrastructure in historic downtown Liberty.
This tax will sunset in 2035.