Liberty Parks & Rec Board

The Liberty Parks & Rec Advisory Board is responsible for making recommendations to the City Council regarding the acquisition and development of public parks and recreation facilities as well as the provision of community recreation programs. The board has 9 members, including:

Liberty Parks & Rec Advisory Board

  • Deb Loomis, President (Board Term expires 7/1/2024)
  • Ryal Brier, Vice President (Board Term expires 6/1/2026)
  • Anissa Wolfe, Secretary/Treasurer (Board Term expires 6/1/2025) 
  • James Gifford (Term expires 6/1/2025)
  • Jackie Kennedy (Term expires 6/1/2024) 
  • Clay Lozier (Term expires 6/1/2024) 
  • Vern Windsor (Term expires 6/1/2026)
  • Christopher Hand (Term expires 6/1/2026)
  • Rachel Hollinberger (Term expires 6/1/2025)

Meeting Time

The Parks & Rec Advisory Board meets in regular session on the first Thursday of the month. Meetings are held at 6 p.m. in the Liberty Community Center Conference Room.

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